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A Dependable Solar Radiometer Calibration Service Provider

ISO-CAL North America is a one-stop solar radiometer (sensor) calibration service provider offering indoor and outdoor calibration services.

ISO-CAL North America is the premier go-to calibration service provider of ISO 9060 thermopile solar irradiance sensors in the U.S., servicing the calibration needs of the climatological, R&D, commercial solar, and utility-scale solar PV power energy industry.

Based in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, ISO-CAL North America is an ISO 17025-accredited calibration laboratory, formally accredited to perform both secondary and primary transfer calibration services on pyranometers, albedometers, pyrheliometers, pyrgeometers, net radiometers, UV-A and UV-B radiometers, as well as other photo-optic visible light sensors and select spectroradiometer models.

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Unmatched Accredited
Scope and Capabilites

When it comes to the calibration of broadband thermopile and photo-optic solar irradiance sensors, the accredited scope and capabilities of ISO-CAL North America are unmatched. Services include indoor and outdoor ISO 17025-accredited calibration services of all pyranometer, albedometer, and pyrheliometer makes and models to the ASTM or ISO calibration standard of choice: ASTM G167, ASTM E824, ASTM G207, ISO 9846, and ISO 9847 calibration standard for pyranometers and albedometers or ASTM E816 and ISO 9059 standard for the calibration or pyrheliometers.

All ISO-CAL North America sensor calibration returns include an ISO 17025-accredited certificate of calibration stating the before and post-calibration (sensitivity) result, as well as the CMC expanded calibration uncertainty estimate on the reported calibration result, expressed as a percentage. The stated CMC expanded calibration uncertainty estimate on an ISO-CAL North America pyranometer, albedometer, or pyrheliometer calibration report is the lowest in the industry.

Why does calibration uncertainty matter? The lower the CMC calibration uncertainty estimate, the lower the measurement uncertainty estimate at the field level according to the ASTM G213 standard. Calibrate with confidence, calibrate with ISO-CAL North America LLC.



Traceable Reference Instruments

ISO-CAL North America offers indoor and outdoor calibration services of solar radiometers (sensors), all makes and models.

Multi-Standard Compliance

Our diverse range of calibration services is compliant with the latest ASTM, ISO, and IEC radiometer calibration standards.

Outdoor, Indoor, and In-field Calibration Services

Indoors or out, our vast calibration capability allows us to select the most appropriate calibration method to meet each customer’s specific requirement.

Fully Equipped, State-of-the-Art Calibration Lab

ISO-CAL North America maintains fully characterized primary and secondary standard reference radiometers, including NIST-traceable spectral irradiance standards.

Superior Customer Service and Support

ISO-CAL’s experienced staff offers a wide range of calibration services and technical support to meet any requirement, big or small.

Fast Calibration Turnaround Times

We are committed to offering the most reliable calibration services in the industry at a competitive price and with the fastest turnaround times.