ISO-CAL North America provides a wide range of calibration services to meet any requirement. No job is too big or small.

Radiometer Calibration Services

ISO-CAL North America provides a wide range of calibration services to meet any requirement, big or small. Indoors or out, our vast calibration capability allows us to select the most appropriate calibration method best suited to meet each customer’s specific application requirement, facilitating optimal measurement certainty at the field or laboratory testing level.

ISO-CAL North America maintains fully characterized Primary and Secondary reference radiometers, including NIST traceable spectral irradiance standards.

Laboratory service capabilities include the calibration of:

  • Pyranometers
  • Pyrheliometers
  • UV Radiometers
  • FIR Pyrgeometers
  • Net Radiometers
  • PAR / Quantum Sensors
  • LUX Sensors
  • UV & VIS Spectroradiometers
    (Select models on request)

Reference Instruments

Absolute Cavity Pyrheliometers:
ISO-CAL North America operates two Primary Standard Absolute Cavity Pyrheliometers, traceable to the WRR (World Radiometeric Reference). The Absolute Cavity Pyrheliometer is the Primary Standard reference instrument to which all pyranometers and pyrheliometers are traceable. Both Absolute Cavity Pyrheliometers employ a new state-of-the-art control system developed by Campbell Scientific Inc. The compact portable control system features Campbell Scientific’s latest CR6 model data logger. The control system fully automates cavity operation, data processing and storage.

FEL Irradiance Standard
The FEL Standard Lamp provides absolute calibration of spectral irradiance from 250 – 1100 nm, serving as the primary reference for all spectroradiometer and UV radiometer calibrations.

Digital Multi-Meter:
ISO 17025 calibrated 8.5 digit Keithley 2002 model high performance digital multi-meter.

Multi-Function Process Calibrator:
ISO 17025 calibrated 7.5 digit Datron 4708 Multifunction Calibration Standard


First Class Pyrheliometers:
WRR traceable Hukseflux DR02 First Class pyrheliometer
WRR traceable Kipp & Zonen CH-1 First Class pyrheliometer

Secondary Standard Pyranometers:
Two WRR traceable Hukseflux SR20 Secondary Standard pyranometers
Two WRR traceable Kipp & Zonen CMP11 Secondary Standard pyranometers

Note: ISO-CAL North America operates both indoors and outdoors solar radiometer calibration facilities, enabling calibration of virtually any broadband solar radiometer according to ASTM and ISO calibration practices.

IR (Infrared) Pyrgeometers:
WISG traceable Hukseflux IR20 FIR pyrgeometer
WISG traceable Kipp & Zonen CG4 FIR pyrgeometer


Optronic Laboratories (Gooch & Housego) model OL754 high performance spectroradiometer, spectral response range from 250 – 800 nm.

EKO Instruments MS-700 precision global spectroradiometer, spectral response range from 350 – 1050nm.

Global UV-A/B Radiometers:
Kipp & Zonen dual-band UV-S-AB-T UV-A/B radiometer, spectral response range 280 – 400nm
Indium 1.1 dual-band UV-A/B radiometer, spectral response range from 265 – 400nm
Kipp & Zonen CUV4 total UV radiometer, spectral response range from 280 – 400nm

Standards Compliancy

Standards compliance includes calibration to all applicable ASTM and ISO solar radiometer calibration standards.

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