Our Valued Partners

Groundwork Renewables, Inc.
Groundwork Renewables specializes in the design, fabrication, testing and field installation of custom turnkey solar and meteorological (MET) monitoring system solutions. Additional services include commission of operating plants, reporting and ongoing O&M services. For additional information on Groundwork Renewables products and services, visit http://www.grndwork.com/.

433 Orange Avenue
Sand City, CA 93955 USA
831-920-1687 (office – main)
Email: info@grndwork.com

Campbell Scientific, Inc.
Campbell Scientific is an ISO-9001 certified industry leading manufacturer of premium quality data loggers and supporting system peripherals. With extensive in-house design and onsite fabrication capabilities, additional services include customized built-to-order turnkey solar and meteorological monitoring solutions, as well as industrial process monitoring and process control system solutions. For additional information on Campbell Scientific products and services, visit http://www.campbellsci.com/.

815 W 1800 N
Logan, UT 84321 USA
435-227-9000 (office – main)
Email: info@campbellsci.com

Hukseflux Thermal Sensors B.V.
An ISO-9001 certified manufacturer of high-quality thermal sensors, solar radiometers (e.g. ISO-9060 compliant pyranometers, pyrheliometers and heat flux sensors) and turnkey thermal monitoring system solutions, Hukseflux sensors are renowned worldwide for their accuracy and long-term reliability. For additional information on Hukseflux Thermal Sensor B.V. products and thermal testing services, visit http://www.hukseflux.com/.

Delftechpark 31
2628 XJ Delft, The Netherlands
011-31-15-214-2669 (office – main)
E-mail: info@hukseflux.com

Adams Environmental Systems, Inc.
Adams Environmental Systems is a full-service environmental engineering and systems monitoring fabrication company, offering custom systems integration and turnkey monitoring solutions utilizing Campbell Scientific dataloggers, supporting communications peripherals and software. Additional value added services include system drawings, logger programming, LoggerNet setup support, RTMC and RTMCPro screen development. For additional information on Adams Environmental Systems, visit http://www.adamsenvsys.com/.

PO Box 244
Kings Park, NY 11754-0244
631-269-4672 (office – main)
Email: sales@adamsenvsys.com

Graphic Success, Inc.
Graphic Success is a web design and branding development firm with a reputation for creating unique and memorable identities that support consistency of communication across all channels. Services include carefully crafted logos, corporate identity packages, marketing collateral, web design and development. Our team is committed to generating empowering graphics that define each client’s niche and result in positive returns…successfully.

Email: info@graphicsuccess.com