PMOD/WRC (World Radiation Center), located in Davos Switzerland, maintains the WRR (World Radiometer Reference). The WRR is an international measurement standard-group of radiometers. The instruments used are all Absolute Cavity Pyrheliometers. Hosted once only every 5-years by PMOD/WRC, the purpose of the IPC is to ensure measurement and calibration laboratories worldwide maintain traceability to the WRR. IPC participants submit their own reference pyrheliometers, solar-trackers and data acquisition systems, operating concurrent with the WRR for several weeks. Participants collect, process and report their daily clear sky solar irradiance data for the duration of the event. At the conclusion of the IPC, a WRR transfer factor is calculated for each participants reference pyrheliometer which then can claim “primary standard” status. ISO-CAL North America is pleased to submit two of Eppley Primary Standard Absolute Cavity Pyrheliometers for IPC-XII, along with its new state-of-the-art Campbell Scientific cavity control systems with CR6 data logger.