ISO-CAL North America is a one-stop solar radiometer (sensor) calibration service provider offering indoor and outdoor calibration services.

Welcome to ISO-CAL North America

ISO-CAL North America is a one-stop solar radiometer (sensor) calibration service provider. Our professional sales and technical support staff boast a combined work experience of over 35-years in the solar radiometer consulting and calibration service support industry.

Based in sunny Phoenix AZ, USA, our laboratory is fully equipped to meet virtually any solar radiometer calibration requirement, with a strong emphasis on servicing the pyranometer and pyrheliometer calibration service requirements of the utility scale solar renewable energy O&M industry.

Measurement confidence in the field, begins with calibration certainty at the laboratory. There are a several key specification criteria directly impacting pyranometer, UV radiometer, or any global solar radiometer’s measurement uncertainty at the field level. From one solar radiometer make and model to the next, performance and measurement uncertainty will vary. The single common denominator however impacting solar radiometer measurement uncertainty at the field level, is instrument calibration certainty. This why calibration traceability, method and ultimately calibration certainty are so important.


ISO-CAL North America offers indoor and outdoor calibration services of solar radiometers (sensors), all makes and models
Our diverse range of calibration services are compliant to the latest ASTM, ISO, & IEC radiometer calibration standards.
Indoors or out, our vast calibration capability allows us to select the most appropriate calibration method to meet each customer’s specific requirement
ISO-CAL North America maintains fully characterized Primary and Secondary standard reference radiometers, including NIST traceable spectral irradiance standards
ISO-CAL’s experienced staff offer a wide range of calibration services & technical support to meet any requirement, big or small
We are committed to offering the most reliable calibration services in the industry at a competitive price, with the fastest turnaround times.

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